There is always On our standard menu you will find many classics of Bavarian cuisine , snack delicacies, crunchy salads and light snacks for in between. Until late in the afternoon you can also enjoy our delicious breakfast offers .

That's how we cook

"Cooking with good ingredients and a lot of love for the product ": This is our motto when preparing the dishes. When choosing our ingredients, we attach great importance to their quality and freshness and mainly use regional products . We select our fruits and vegetables according to the season , so we avoid long, vitamin-consuming transport routes. With animal products in particular, we rely on the experience of our suppliers, which guarantees consistently high quality.

Augustiner Bierspritz  

Moizdratzerl beer liqueur, berry & sickle pear-ginger syrup, fresh lemon juice, soda and Augustiner Helles on tap
7,50 €

Homemade iced tea  

made of black and green tea with peach pulp and vanilla
4,00 €

Roast Roast a) a.1) l) m) o)  

with dumplings, young leeks, cherry tomatoes, red onions, sauce and cucumber salad
14,90 €

Strong ox broth  

with veal nut dumplings
7,90 €

Three types of cream cheese a) g)  

- Beetroot, rocket and radishes, with wood-fired bread from the bread room
10,90 €

Lukewarm smoked trout fillet a) c) d) l) m) z)  

from Birnbaum's fish farm with Fried Datschi, beetroot, apple, horseradish, sour cream and herbs
17,90 €

Lamb's lettuce a) g)  

with balsamic dressing, baked porcini mushrooms and remoulade sauce
17,90 €

Fried chicken from Gutshof Englbrecht a) c) g) m) z)  

with potato and rocket salad, aioli, kernel oil and pumpkin seed oil
21,90 €

Roasted char filet a) d) g) z)  

from Birnbaum's fish farm with fregola risotto with porcini mushrooms and herbs
27,90 €

gnocchi a) c) g)  

tossed in pumpkin and white wine butter with braised pumpkin, porcini mushrooms and rapeseed blossom
14,90 €

Porcini mushrooms from the Zollnerin a) c) g) z)  

in herb cream with bread dumplings
22,90 €

calf liver a) g)  

with apples, fried onions, mashed potatoes and snow peas
24,90 €

Boiled young bull boiled beef g)  

with creamed savoy cabbage, fried potatoes, pumpkin seed oil and fresh horseradish
24,90 €

Fried chicken breast a) a.1) c) g) h.1) h.2) h.3) l) z)  

with two kinds of celery cream and in nut breading, South Tyrolean Paunzen, fried porcini mushrooms and red wine sauce
23,90 €

Two types of chocolate a) c) g) h.1) z)  

- Gateaux and dark chocolate mousse - with sour cherry sorbet
8,90 €
Allergens: a) cereals and products which contain gluten a.1) wheat and products thereof c) eggs and products thereof d) fish and products thereof g) milk and products thereof h.1) almonds and products thereof h.2) hazelnuts and products thereof h.3) walnuts and products thereof l) celery and products thereof m) mustard and products thereof o) sulphur dioxide and sulphites > 10 mg/kg, > 10 mg/l as SO2 z) miscellaneous 
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Drinks In the Georgenhof you can not only enjoy the tasty beer specialties of the Augustiner brewery , which have absolute cult status. We also offer a wide selection of soft drinks, regional juices, teas from the Chiemgau tea manufacturer BioTeaque and coffee variations .